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COVID-19 Response & Preparedness

COVID-19 Response & Preparedness

To: All Clients

The situation regarding COVID-19 continues to develop, and the safety of our employees, their families, and our clients, and our role as risk managers, is at the forefront of our minds. Our team is distributed throughout Texas and Alabama with varying levels of disruption to our daily lives. With this in mind, and in accordance with the CDC’s direction to have workplaces telecommute as much as possible, we have decided to do our part in “flattening the curve” by implementing “social distancing” practices in our workplaces. Effective, Friday, March 20th through Friday, April 17th, 2020, we will close our doors to walk-in traffic at all locations. Most of our staff will work from home during this time.

Beyond the social distancing practices recommended by the federal government, we are making every effort to minimize disruption to customer service. Over the past several years, we have intentionally developed our technological capabilities to serve our clients digitally. We regularly handle all insurance requests through phone, email, video conference, and online client portals. If you feel that you need to visit our office to conduct business, please call us, and we will make arrangements to service your request remotely during this time.

As risk advisors and a source of trusted guidance to our clients, we have intentionally and proactively developed our ability to maintain normal operations in the event a natural disaster with our distributed workforce. In addition, we partner with dozens of insurance companies on your behalf that are similarly prepared and have already implemented work-from-home or alternate scheduling practices to minimize unnecessary exposures. Some of these transitions have caused temporary service delays. We want to assure you that we are working diligently with our partners on your behalf to process requests promptly.

It is our responsibility to protect our employees, their families, and our clients. Additionally, we take our role as risk managers and trusted advisors very seriously. We thank you for your collaboration in working with us to “flatten the curve” and minimize the greater impact COVID-19 may have on our society and our economy.